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To take back control of your wellbeing

You’re ambitious, hardworking and an achiever. You juggle a demanding career, family and life commitments with dedication and commitment but have somehow neglected your own health and wellbeing along the way.

Time is passing you by and you know deep down something is out of balance. No-one would suspect, you seem on top of your game but it’s taking its toll on your mind and body.

You rarely have time, if any, for exercise, you’re eating on the go, you’re feeling sluggish, you’re body’s feeling stiff, you’re not sleeping well – you know you could feel better but don’t know where to start.

You long to feel more at ease again as well as strong and flexible. You remember when you enjoyed moving and stretching and wonder whether that door has well and truly closed and if those days are long gone.

You’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of yoga but there’s also been a lot of hype, trends and fads emerging that you distrust.

You don’t have time to investigate, experiment or fail at the latest ‘challenge’.

You want to feel and experience a positive change with an instructor who gets you, has experienced what you’re experiencing and understands what you’re going through, who can laser focus in on your needs, guide you through your challenges and help you reach your goals with effective results.

Imagine going through your day no longer suffering with back pain, or a stiff neck and shoulders; feeling more relaxed and at ease as you deal with your daily tasks and responsibilities. Experiencing less anxiety, stress and depression and being able to handle stressful situations with a clearer perspective. Imagine benefiting from a greater sense of balance, wellbeing and better sleep.

I Can Help.

I was a driven and over-worked business owner. I hadn’t had a proper family holiday without taking work with me for 12 years. I finally booked a one week yoga workshop in Thailand and that profoundly changed everything – on a physical, mental and emotional level. So much so that I returned to Thailand, completed my yoga teacher training, sold my company and became a professional yoga teacher.

I teach yoga in Luzern and central Switzerland. I offer group classes, corporate yoga (yoga in the workplace) and specialise in teaching private clients in their home or preferred space.

I also teach private yoga online for those of you constantly on the move, living further afield or in other parts of the world, who may not have the opportunity to visit Luzern!

Let Me Show You How I Can Help.

How We'll Work Together

Integrating Mindful Embodied Awareness

Reclaiming Wholeness

Nurturing mind, body and spirit for conscious change.

A journey of transformation, connection and practice designed to support conscious, heart-centred leaders doing important engaged work in the world. (Including an immersive retreat in Thailand.)

What Others Are Saying

“I’d definitely recommend this course.”

“I’d say I wish I’d found out about yoga 30 years ago. I’d have been a completely different person by now. It was an amazing experience - recommend it wholeheartedly! You will love Karen, yoga, yourself... Karen is a fantastic teacher, encouraging, helpful, with tons of patience, calm and making you feel you conquered the world  ”

Lucy Kyriakou

“I was concerned that my body wasn’t trained enough but got more confident each time and became aware that with practice things will get better/easier..”

“This is a great opportunity to be aware and focus on all single parts of the practice (e.g. breathing, flow, posture). I liked that each pose was explained step by step and we took time to learn and repeat. I loved that everyone was very focused on self-practice and the environment was not competitive at all. I’m 100% satisfied.”

Thamara Emanuele

“I wanted to know why yoga has become so popular and if I’d like it and if it would help with stress.”

“I expected the course to be so fast and difficult that I wouldn’t be able to follow it properly. But it was a great deal better than I expected. I really like the speed and detail-orientated instruction, making it easy to follow. It’s perfect for beginners and Karen is wonderful with beginners as she is thorough and patient and really pays attention to every person. I noticed how much better I felt after every session, I felt happy and relaxed deep down. As if I was walking on a beach somewhere far away and not on the busy streets of Lucerne.”

Johanna Hiiemaee

“Excellent teacher. Pace was great, nice and slow.”

“Clear instructions and breakdown of poses. Good infrastructure/ light and airy room. I’m motivated enough to continue Ashtanga yoga and definitely recommend the course. Cheryl de Valliere. I was surprised how the breathing worked out and how good I felt afterwards. Not just physically but mentally too. I felt more flexible and had more energy throughout the week. I felt able to concentrate on other tasks at work better than usual. The course ticked all the boxes, I’d recommend it to others, it’s worth the commitment.”

Joanne Faessler

“Karen’s yoga classes help me set aside my busy lifestyle for an hour to focus on myself.”

“Karen brings an air of calm and serenity into the room and she gently encourages us to develop our yoga practice to the best of our abilities. I love the relaxing feeling I have at the end of my class. I recommend Karen’s classes to anyone with a busy lifestyle.”

Fiona Knox, Senior Director (R&D,Pharmaceutical Company)

“I get a lot out of the yoga classes with Karen.”

“Karen puts effort into getting to know the level you’re at and supporting you to improve every lesson. My strength, energy and overall wellbeing are so much better since I’ve been going to the classes.”

Hayley Winder

“Karen is an excellent yoga instructor who tailors the yoga sessions to the individual needs of her client..”

“She is also flexible with her schedule and always does her best to work around the schedule of her client. Before I started yoga with Karen I was stressed which affected other areas of my life. Through Karen’s yoga sessions I was able to improve my situation with noticeable differences in my confidence and stress levels. Karen has also enable me to practice yoga alone in a more confident manner. I highly recommend Karen as a very knowledgeable, professional and friendly yoga instructor.”

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