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Oct 3, 2017 | Self Care, Yoga


Just over a week ago I attended a special two-day live event in Zürich. In fact, I was there for four days as members of our Mastermind group flew in from all over the world to meet in person (USA, Iceland, Beirut, Netherlands…) Others drove or came by coach.

Having supported each other online via Zoom for 13 months, we’d formed a unique and formidable friendship that went way beyond business.

The concept of Mastermind groups is to get feedback, support and accountability – but ours has turned into something so much more.

Three of us lived in Switzerland and spent the afternoon at the airport welcoming our visitors until the final member stepped out of the arrival gate jetlagged but smiling.

Meeting friends that you’ve connected with online and know SO well but are meeting in person for the first time felt almost weird as it was so natural.

No hidden surprises just a realisation that we had legs!

The two-day event was for female entrepreneurs to learn the latest in online marketing, mastermind and network for more online business growth.

What struck me was the sheer energy and connection.

Some were just starting out, others had successful businesses offline wanting to transition online and there were those who had completely skyrocketed recently and generously shared their stories, insights, inspiration and Q&A advice with us all.

But what inspired me most was a post written by Katrin Hill one of the skyrocketing entrepreneurs, immediately after the event. Instead of focusing on her aims, goals and the next 5 or 6 figure launch, her takeaway was committing to self-care.

(Katrin tells me this was partly influenced by the mini-break yoga offered during the event which pleases me immensely, but that’s not why I’m writing this.) 

She’d compiled a to-do list and had immediately implemented:

  • working less
  • taking more time for herself and family
  • booking a 2 hour massage
  • booking her first yoga lesson
  • booking a table for a romantic dinner with her husband
  • connecting with a fellow entrepreneur specialising in mindful parenting
  • selling a conference ticket that she didn’t really want to attend.

A couple of days later she posted photos of the yoga studio and restaurant. Since then she’d also booked a holiday with her husband!

Self-care is so important.

I could ramble on about why but for now I want to leave you with the implemented to-do list above, hoping it will have an impact.

Also, a simple reminder that most of us are caregivers whether it be on a professional basis, in the work you offer your clients or companies and/or your family responsibilities.

It is essential to take time for ourselves and for our yoga practice in order to recharge. When we become depleted our offerings to others become less potent.

Now is your time to rewrite YOUR to-do list.

So you can show up more fully for others in the future and be in a better position to support those who rely on you most.

To help you get started, you can sign up for yoga right here.

Reply directly to this post and share with me what you’re planning, I’d love to hear. 

Karen x

P.S. One personal highlight at the event was being asked to lead 90 female solo/entrepreneurs through a chair yoga session. I had the perfect audience of overachievers and the experience totally inspired a new project I’ll be launching in November. I’ll look forward to sharing more with you soon.




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