Where Do You Return To? | Spring Renewal Retreat

Mar 1, 2024

​It’s good to connect with you again. I’ve recently returned from leading a retreat in Thailand. Our location at Samahita is very dear to my heart. It was where I took my very first week long yoga retreat in 2013, not knowing what to expect, just needing time to clear my head and get perspective. Back then, as a business owner, I realized I hadn’t had a family holiday in 12 years without taking my work with me.

I had no idea that week would change the trajectory of my life. This February was my 11th visit, and following years of training, the second retreat in Thailand that I had the privilege to lead. To share a taste of what I had learned and continue to learn through practice, self-exploration and enquiry felt immensely rewarding.

Through meditation, breathwork, active and restorative movement and self-inquiry, these thoughtful, attentive women began to unfurl like a sail waiting and then ready to catch the wind. Learning to take radical care of themselves, touching into three centres of intelligence – hara, heart and head they held space for their own relative experience while staying interconnected to each other and the world around them.

Here are some stunning images taken by Jeff Beem, who joined his wife as a family guest and captured the beauty of our surroundings, while we were practising 🙂

Click through to see them all.

A Favourite Place to Return to.

Returning to the same place every year can really highlight and remind you how you felt, where you were before, how you feel, and where you’re heading now.

And part of that journey is navigating those unexpected twists and turns that happen along the way. The ones that don’t make sense at the time, that maybe you resist because they were not part of your original plan but inevitably lead you exactly where you need to be.

Then there are those other magical moments of clarity that reveal themselves where you might step up, make a bold move, try something new, go after a dream or take on radical self-care and everything seems to align.

These retreats always, without fail, help me to sit with it all, ask myself bold, beautiful questions, and let clarity unfold. Or at least to trust the process that all I need to do amidst the uncertainty and confusion is stay present and simply choose to do the next best thing, one step at a time.

Do you have a place you return to where you’re able to reflect and look back at where you were at a certain time and where you are now?

Maybe it’s a physical space, nature, or a favourite spot close to home. Or maybe it’s simply a space to write your thoughts.

Try listing all the things you thought you’d never do or would never happen, but did.

What surprised you and what did you learn from those experiences? I’d love to hear if you’d like to share, simply send me an email.

Space to Breathe and Be.

If you’d like to join me for yoga and self-care in Blausee, Switzerland we still have a few spaces available. This April will be a perfect time to connect to the new energy, life force, and spirit of spring, while also finding light, silence, and space to breathe and just be.

Yoga and Self-Care Retreat
BLAUSEE Hotel & Spa, Switzerland
4-7 April 2024
(with new accommodation options)

Karen x

PS. If you would like to learn more about upcoming retreats or working with me 1:1, you may book a free no-pressure call with me here.

All Thailand images credit: Jeff Beem


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