What does celebration mean to you? | Spring Renewal Retreat

Feb 22, 2023

​My part of the world feels very alive as I write this. I’ve recently returned from leading a retreat in Thailand and am still landing, swapping out silk wraps for cosy jumpers, flipflops for winter boots and sun hats for woolly caps. ‘Fastnacht’ carnival is rocking Luzern (it’s wild. loud, cheerful and an a much anticipated highlight for many Luzerners), the snowdrops are peeking through the hard soil, the fog has lifted and the birds are chirping their approval. There’s a subtle shift in the air.

For those of you who may have missed the Thailand invitation, you’ll find the beautiful story here. The retreat was a celebration of life, possibilities and each other, it touched the quiet, most tender part of ourselves and came alive through generous, exhuberant spirit of connection.

On a personal level, returning to Samahita was moving and significant. It had been 10 years since my first visit, overworked, stressed out and needing to clear my head. That week changed the course of my career and life and I’d returned to continue my training every year since. Now this opportunity allowed me to share a taste of what I had learned and continue to learn through practice, self-exploration and enquiry felt immensely rewarding.

The group was unique and special. Travelling from as far as the US, Europe and Singapore with or without family and partners who generously took care of young children. Some knew each other, most didn’t, yet they were all connected through their host.

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Image credit to Jeff Beem for the most beautiful of the landscape images.

What will you say YES to?

During a fire ceremony on the beach, I came back to celebration, encouraging them to consider the realm of possibilities that open up when we say YES to our deepest desires and take a bold step forward. It was the beginning of February after all, not a traditional holiday break, and yet here they were sharing this memorable experience with each other.

A true example of this, was our milestone birthday host who courageously asked for what she longed for and to see her wish come to life. She had no idea who would be able to join but to witness the way each one, all so special to her, came together in the way that they did, was magical.


Finding Space to Breathe and Be.

One aspect I appreciated most was witnessing each one soften, finding light, silence and space to breathe and just be. A glimpse of their true essence, inner beauty and wisdom began to emerge, so often hidden beneath stress, anxiety and responsibilities.

If you’d like to join me for yoga and self-care in Blausee, Switzerland we still have a few spaces available. The weekend before the Spring Equinox, will be a perfect time to connect to the new energy, life force and spirit of spring and find new ways to celebrate. You’ll find full details here.

Yoga and Self-Care Retreat
BLAUSEE Hotel & Spa, Switzerland
9-12 March 2023

I hope to see you there!

Karen x

P.S. I invite you to drop your wishes, questions or requests here. I’ll do my best to help!


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