The Wild Magic of Non-Doing

Oct 6, 2023

The wild magic of non-doing.

I love how this thought commands attention and feels playful, rebellious, liberating welcoming something delightful and unexpected.

Everyone has their own version of those moments in the shower, on a hike or in a changed environment away from the desk when everything becomes crystal clear and ideas spring to life. There is often clarity around next steps or clarity around what you long to let go of and is no longer working.

Autumn is a perfect time to see how transition comes alive in nature’s own unique beautiful, spacious and swirling way. This time of year can also set us off balance, where we can feel ungrounded and disconnected.

Two Camps of Disconnection

A mentor shared how she believed many people, as they advance through life, tend to fall into two camps.

One camp includes those who don’t have enough connection in their life. They miss having close friendships for whatever reason, perhaps they have recently moved and feel isolated, or are working too much or taking care of the needs of others …

Then there are those in the other camp who have so many connections and are reluctant to add more because they can’t even stay connected to the people they already know and love.

Does this resonate a little?  


What if you gave yourself a long weekend to delight in the senses to just BE in the now, to play in whatever ways feels right for you.

And what if you invite your 1-3 best girlfriends or closest family members who you don’t get to see often enough to join you.

I’ll do all the logistics, all you have to do is come and have an amazing time and you don’t have to do any of the planning.

The wild magic of non-doing for some may be hiking in the majestic Bernese mountains, walking in the enchanting forest, soaking in a hot tub, relaxing in a cosy spa, enjoying a massage, taking an afternoon nap, reading, writing or simply being.

This could be the last chance you have to catch your breath before we head into the colder months and busier, often hectic, holiday season. 1st November is a public holiday, so you have time to pack (I’ll send you a packing list so you don’t have to figure it out) and you can let people know you’ll be taking this time for yourself (an inspiring leadership example to others.)

On 2nd November, you enjoy your journey and simply arrive at Blausee. There’ll be warm welcome and cosy open fire place to greet you.

Trust in the Process

One of the ways I help retreat guests move out of their head and into their bodies is by guiding them towards sensing, feeling and being.

When we trust ourselves to slow down, stillness, silence and breath will become our refuge, while somatic gentle movement, engergising yoga practices and quiet meditation will be the foundation for change.

Nature will be our master teacher, reminding us how colourful and alive transitions can be. Connecting with the people you love and cherish or simply taking this time for yourself is the most potent, nourishing and necessary gift you can offer yourself right now. The benefits will ripple out and you will no doubt pay it forward.

I very much look forward to welcoming you!

Karen x

P.S. Please share with your best friends and those who may be alone and would benefit from warm connection.

Yoga and Self-Care Retreat
BLAUSEE Hotel & Spa, Switzerland
2-5 NOVEMBER 2023

Inspiration from a few of our wonderful Blausee Retreat guests who have experienced connection and a shift in clarity for themselves.

What I appreciated most was the effect of total relaxation and the feelings of peace and clarity that emerged for me. The people. The setting. It was everything that I needed. Improvable? Perhaps a day longer?! I arrived at the retreat a little stressed, tired and emotional and I left feeling relaxed, happy and content. I learnt more about myself and what I need/want more of in my yoga practice and in my life. I met an amazing group of women, felt included and welcome and had a beautiful time. Karen radiates peace and good energy, has a beautiful, calming teaching voice and is a kind and interesting person. —Laura M.

I would definitely recommend Blausee Yoga and Self-Care Retreat. Before I felt stressed, stormy inside in some ways, tired and after I was calm, relaxed and balanced, peaceful and very happy. I remember I had this undescribable smile on my face. I really wished to be able to stay longer and continue with the retreat. —Aniko S.

I felt exhausted and depleted before arriving at Blausee for the yoga retreat with Karen. I took a risk on booking as I didn’t know Karen before and it certainly paid off! It was exactly what I needed to recharge, focus inward, reconnect with myself and what’s important in life. I left the retreat feeling renewed, hopeful for the future and with a spring in my step. —Claire C.

I enjoyed every moment of this retreat with Karen and the energy of the group was fantastic. The classes were a perfect blend of meditation, movement, breath work and relaxation and these 4 days in Blausee were exactly what I needed to unwind and take some time for myself. The hotel and its surroundings, the restaurant and the spa were stunning. I was exhausted when I arrived and felt both reenergized and relaxed after these four days. Karen’s discrete, kind and gentle approach made this retreat very special.I would definitely recommend a yoga retreat with her and look forward to attending future retreats myself. —Nathalie K, Geneva


Karen Kurzmeyer
Private/group/corporate yoga teacher. Helping busy professionals prioritise health & well-being through yoga.

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