Talks That Matter: 100 Conversations about Self-Care

Feb 6, 2020

I’ve created a project for 2020. An experience. An adventure and experiment of sorts.

Some would call it a challenge…. But I think I’m going to enjoy this way too much for it to be labelled a challenge!

It is my commitment to have 100 conversations with people who strive to bring greater depth and deeper purpose to their life, work and relationships, to learn how they define self-care.

This project came to life out of curiosity and deep desire to understand more about people’s relationship to themselves, centering on their lived experiences and thoughts around self-care.

This was inspired by my own experience and the realization that self-care hadn’t even shown up on my radar until a few years ago and the sense of resistance I felt when it was first introduced to me. (It seemed self- indulgent, I didn’t have time and even if I had, I could certainly make better use of that time.)

Yet it has now become such an integral part of my life, my well-being and weaves its way through almost all of my teachings.

Part of living a connected life
is treating yourself well.

I first heard this from Manorama, a meditation teacher based in New York, six years ago. We were studying online and I wrote it down, highlighted in yellow and filed it away.

I love how certain words find a way back to you just when you need them. I found this today and share it with you now.

Part of living a connected life is treating yourself well. How do these words land for you? What will you do with them?

Often we can feel disconnected to ourselves and the world around us. We battle through, striving to achieve what’s out there or taking care of others, putting ourselves at the bottom of the long list of responsibilities that we never quite get to.

When we have a conversation where we’re able to be truly seen and heard, we find our stories reflected back to us. We find more clarity and understanding by simply sharing our thoughts.  We may even discover that they’re some stories we tell ourselves!

These 100 real conversations are based on connection.

We are here together. It is my way of welcoming others to connect with me (maybe we don’t know each other) and for you to join the adventure in not knowing what we’ll learn. We’ll have to find out.

Our conversation is completely confidential.

What would l learn from 100 conversations?

The information will allow me let go of any preconceived ideas and have a better understanding of how people relate to self-care.

I have friends and colleagues who understand me, we speak the same language and they already know what I’m talking about when it comes to self-care,

However, there are many, many pathways. Self-care can have a completely different meaning according to individual values, interests, mindset, cultural upbringing and experience as well as life circumstances. There are also many starting or entry points.

Those are the conversations I’d love to have too.  I’m interested in meeting you exactly where you are.

How will I use the information?

The direction of my work, my passions and interests have taken a natural path since I became a yoga teacher. I began teaching yoga group classes, specialized in private clients and then incorporated more self-care and cultivating healthy habits through holistic intensive programs that led to leading retreats and now I’m training in integral facilitation.

I teach and share from my own life-experience and continued professional development.  100 Conversations will guide me towards my next best step with you in mind.

It will influence my teaching, vocabulary and how I can best support and develop this community to help people who want to transform their relationship to themselves so they can create more freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

Our conversation is completely confidential.

There’s no sales pitch at all – just real honest conversation. You simply need to show up with curiosity, an open mind, a little playfulness and let’s see what happens.

30 minutes on the phone or Zoom/Skype.

During our time, I’ll ask you about:

What is your definition of self-care?

Where is it going well for you? What is already working?

Where are you struggling?

What is the hardest part and your biggest challenge?

What would successful self-care look like to you?

You share your story. I’m here to listen.

To schedule your conversation, simply click below and choose your spot.

 If you have any questions, send me an email.

Please share with your friends, family and colleagues to help keep the conversation going.

Much love and gratitude,

Karen x


Karen Kurzmeyer
Private/group/corporate yoga teacher. Helping busy professionals prioritise health & well-being through yoga.

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