Courageous New Beginnings

Sep 11, 2023

I hope September has been good to you, whether you’re getting back into regular routines or stepping into courageous new beginnings. May you find a rhythm that will keep you buoyant, flexible and open to change.

I’ve been reflecting recently on our relationship to alignment. Alignment is continuously evolving rather than a place to land. It protects and nurtures us but also asks us to boldly take a leap when we come up against resistance or outgrow our current way of being.

Lael Couper Jensen and Chela Davison recently described this leap like this:

‘We won’t let go of that old trapeze until we see a new one coming in – and we won’t be able to reach the new one coming in until we let go of that old trapeze.’

I’m sharing three examples that I hope you’ll find inspiring and encourage you to consider how your work and life are aligned with who you are and where you may want to take a leap.

1) In my last post, I shared how and why I’ve deepened my work that feels more aligned with who I am right now.

2) Samahita has taken a leap and is where I’m hosting a beautiful tropical island retreat on the southern coast of Koh Samui, Thailand.

In addition to their comfortable Gardenview guest rooms, they have now doubled their beachfront and designed 20 new spectacular rooms – right at the beach. These will be ready for our retreat in February together with many new upgrades throughout the property.

All king size beds. All new features. Some are direct beachfront, with full unobstructed morning sunrise and all day beach views. Others have unique beach views right from the bedroom and deck, all day. And the remaining private beach rooms have a mixture of views of the sea, beach, tropical. garden and their magnificent 80m tall tamarind tree at the center. There is also an additional swimming pool in this area along with seated sala areas right at the beach.

My teacher and Samahita founder, Dr Paul Dallaghan, explained there are times to make bold moves, use “buddhi” and go further to improve what they do. This independence allows Samahita to maintain total integrity to who and what they are.

3) Earlier this year, I led a private retreat at Samahita – a place I consider my second home and where I have been returning to deepen my own practice for 10 years.

During a fire ceremony on the beach, I asked everyone to consider what it took for them to be here. It was the beginning of February after all, not a traditional holiday break, they had travelled from different parts of the world, had demanding careers or were going through some kind of transition. Yet here they were sharing this memorable experience together as the sun dipped below the horizon, the gentle water lapping on the shore – deeply connected to our surroundings, feeling the realm of possibilities that open up when we say YES to our deepest desires and take a bold step forward.

Reclaiming Wholeness Retreat is an invitation to lay down the weight of responsibilities you carry in daily life and start reclaiming a more real, intimate, and liberated experience of yourself, your needs, and desires.

Reclaiming Wholeness
Early Bird open until 20 September 2023

​I would be thrilled for you to join us and a beautiful community of others. Reach out with any requests, payment plans are available and please pass along to anyone who may be interested.

Now more than ever, come join us.

​Karen x

P.S. I’m booking calls with no strings attached. If want to learn more you can book a free 30-Minute Enquiry Session here.

PP.S. If you’d like to experience the value and benefits of a weekend retreat and an introduction to my work, I warmly invite you to join me for a Yoga and Self-Care Retreat in Blausee: 2-5 November 2023.


Karen Kurzmeyer
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