A gift, a stress-relief practice, and a holiday special invitation

Dec 22, 2023

Last Call for Limited Holiday Special

Before our practice, I want to make sure you don’t miss this last call for the Limited Holiday Special for Reclaiming Wholeness Retreat in Thailand, 10-17 February 2024.

You are invited! If you are in need of a total refresh for 2024, a longing to come back to your true nature, or are going through some kind of transition and need to find clarity around what needs to emerge, this may be perfect for you.

This retreat is an invitation to be fully supported and come home to yourself as you reclaim a more real, intimate, and liberated experience of yourself, your needs, and desires. It will be beautiful, healing and a truly nurturing place to experience life and potential unfolding.

You’re welcome to email to book a call before 25 December. No strings attached. After Christmas schedule here: schedule here.

Encouraging words for you from past (and returning) retreat clients:

“Beachfront retreat, the healthiest, locally sourced, homemade Thai food you could dream of in the most incredible location possible!

Yoga, meditation, massage, excursions, laughter, joy, and all the other kinds of nourishment your souls can hold (“me time”, naps, escape from digital demands and daily life, teaching yourself to “live and breathe” again, etc!!)

Who needs this? Trust me, it’s worth whatever sacrifice you need to make it happen!

There are 12 amazing people from last trip (Feb 2023) who can share their personal experience. Don’t just take my word for it!

If you or anyone you know might be interested in a total refresh, restart or continued heart and soul investment in your health and wellness journey, please check it out! Ask me anything and/or contact Karen directly.
It will change your life!”Jen. B

“The curiosity to explore new behaviors to strengthen my holistic well being was satisfied – and then some! – due to the knowledgeable, caring manner that Karen architected and delivered on our Samahita Retreat experience. Her ability to tap into the needs and wonders of each participant and foster an environment of safety and exploration reaped rewards far beyond improved physical flexibility… my mindset shifted, my nutrition has been altered and connections were made that I will forever be grateful for.

Pausing my typical day to day opened brain space that has created a sustainable, healthier outlook that benefits me everyday. This life-changing souvenir exceeded my hopes for the retreat.”Amanda B

I would be thrilled for you to join us. Please consider sharing this more broadly to those who may benefit, by sharing within your network. Thank you!

A Gift For You

I imagine you’re right in the middle of bustling activity that surrounds this time of year, you can just feel a shift in mood, energy, activity and expectations.

I invite you to take a moment to pause, brew a cup of your favourite tea, coffee or pour yourself some water and come back.

Settle into your seat, gently lengthen your spine, feel your feet on the ground, take a soft, deep breath in allowing your jaw to relax, then soften even more allowing your shoulders to meet as you take a long sigh out. Take two more long, slow breaths.

These days before Christmas can be especially challenging for many as we frantically finish up projects and deadlines, juggle family responsibilities, prepare to travel, and host family gatherings, We may also be caring for or deeply missing loved ones.

In times like these, it’s important to draw on your self-care resources in order to find a way to stay grounded.

As a gift to you, here is a relaxing evening 30 minute practice that is actually beneficial at any time, but particularly in the evening after a long day or travel.

Feel free to share with family and friends. Practice together 🙂

Warmest thoughts for a very Merry Christmas and a relaxed, stress-free holiday season.

One of the real pleasures at this time of year is the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate connection.

Thank you for being here. I welcome and value our connection.

Karen x

P.S. If you’d like to book a call before 25 December. No strings attached. Email me here. After Christmas schedule here.


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