Spring Equinox: A whisper of hope and awakening. + Spring Weekend Retreat

Mar 21, 2024

Have you noticed? There’s an air of promise and anticipation. A whisper of hope and awakening.

We’ve arrived at the next season junction, a turning point where light triumphs over dark. Springs promises that nothing is static, no matter how never-ending a situation may seem.

A welcome reminder to embrace the process of letting go of the outcome and be open to what is here.

We cannot control the world around us but we can learn to be present, to be awake in our senses, making it easier to go with the ebb and flow of life.

These days we’re often far removed from our bodies and our natural rhythms. Yet nature reminds us in all its beautiful ways – winter and summer solstice, spring and autumn equinox, full and new moon, ebb and flow of the sea, night and day. These are all points where we can pause, check-in, and reset.

When we’re controlling our experience, we’re not experiencing our life.

Spring Equinox asks us to let go of habits that supported us during the winter and awaken to the potential and vitality of spring.

These days, when the sun begins to shine, you may notice you’re feeling sluggish or perhaps rusty inside (a friend described this so well!) – the awkward state between shedding the winter vibes with the desire to move more, to change your diet, to be outside, to feel better in your body.

Spring encourages us to wake up, shake off what we no longer need, and make space for something new.

Everything we value requires us to be awake in our senses. Think of love, creativity, freedom, wisdom. They all arise out of our capacity to feel, to be really at home and awake in our body.

Below are prompts, I often offer guests during our Spring Retreats. Feel free to try them out, the feedback has often been so rich and transformative.

Spring Journal Prompts

​Suggestion: Take these prompts with you when you’re walking in nature and see what emerges. The last prompt is ideal for longer hikes!

  • During this expansive spring season, what do you want to see, be or do?
  • The physical space that most needs detoxing or decluttering is…
  • The strong emotions I’ve experienced most this season are ____________ and ____________. I think they’re trying to tell me that I need to change ____________ and ____________.
  • Two things that I love most about my life right now are:
  • Two things that I would most like to change about my life right now are:
  • Two things that I’m ready to invite and receive into my life right now are:
  • Dream big. Get clear about what you want for yourself this year and then visualise it, feel it, live it.

What ideas, visions or dreams are whispering to you and ready to come to life? Share with me here.

This is an invitation to explore the pathway back to yourself. Join us for a Spring Yoga and Self-Care Retreat designed to help you remove heaviness and invite in fresh, expanding energy, bringing optimism and hope.

Spring Yoga and Self-Care Retreat
BLAUSEE Hotel & Spa, Switzerland
4-7 April 2024
(with new accommodation options)

Registration officially closes on 22 March, please email if you’re interested.

I’d love you to join me. Are you ready to breathe easier and to begin again?

Karen x


Karen Kurzmeyer
Private/group/corporate yoga teacher. Helping busy professionals prioritise health & well-being through yoga.

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