Rediscover Yoga

Setting the foundation for a lifetime of practice

This 4-week series is designed to help you build new skills to develop depth and proficiency into your practice.

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Let your yoga evolve from the inside out…

Learn essential poses and techniques for a sustainable practice that you can maintain easily to support your health.

  • Think back to when you did your first yoga class. Did you feel awkward or overwhelmed at times? Were you confused by some of the instructions?
  • Maybe you’ve never stepped into a yoga studio, believing it’s only for the flexible and the fit?
  • Perhaps you’ve been practising for a while but have hit a plateau, it feels mechanical and you’ve lost that sense of curiosity and wonder?
  • Or, do you love yoga but have never really understood why you’re doing a certain pose and how to discern what’s appropriate for you or not?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this course has been designed with you in mind.

I will help you develop a solid foundation to your yoga practice safely, effectively and with complete confidence (even as a beginner) – one that you can integrate into your life, practice anywhere at any time and build on over the years.

Feel fitter, stronger and more flexible.

This course is a comprehensive structured, engaging, methodical way to rediscover yoga. It is suitable for those who have taken a break from yoga or are brand new because it offers an approach for which you don’t need any prior experience. Classes are in English.

What are the BENEFITS of joining this course?

  • Small group. Places are limited to allow quality focus on individual needs.
  • You’ll develop a personal yoga practice that considers your individual body type, fitness level, stress level and personal health.
  • You’ll gain strength, awareness, flexibility and inner peace.
  • You’ll receive individual attention and personal guidance allowing you to grow your practice at a pace that’s right for you.
  • You’ll rediscover how to synchronise breath and movement – meditation in motion.
  • You’ll learn skilfully from the ground up in way that will form the template for your practice to come.
  • You’ll develop a personal relationship to your practice that will give you confidence and understanding as you progress on your yoga journey.

When & Where

Details to be announced when registration opens again.

Take time to develop your personal yoga practice

Class size is limited to allow for specialized attention.

Meet Your Teacher, Karen

A while back, as a driven and over-worked business owner, I tried yoga to help relieve stress and regain strength and flexibility. However, it was when I travelled to Thailand for a yoga retreat that I began a daily practice.

It was then that I experienced a huge shift on a physical, mental and emotional level. I never looked back and later sold my company to dedicate my career to inspiring others to prioritise their health, wellbeing and stress relief through yoga.


I returned and completed my yoga teacher training in Thailand, am certified by Yoga Alliance 500 RYT, and regularly attend continued professional development in philosophy, anatomy, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. 

My background as a professional ballet dancer, teacher and business owner plus being a wife, mother of 3 sons and living in a foreign country all contribute to my strengths as a teacher, allowing me to help clients that are looking for a way to integrate balance into their busy lives.

Are you ready to make a powerful shift in your life?

Class size is limited to allow for specialized attention.

What Will I Learn?

This Rediscover Yoga Series has been created for people who are tired of feeling stiff and sluggish and are interested in learning to move their body safely and effectively. For those that have tried yoga in the past but lost touch and those that are just beginning to discover yoga.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in our sessions:

  • The philosophy behind the practice: remembering why we do it and what the benefits are
  • The importance of breath and explanation of the specific breathing technique
  • The importance and explanation of where to focus the eyes
  • How to understand and approach yoga as a lifelong practice
  • Detailed instruction of key poses and various standing positions – how to adapt them to your personal needs to progress in the yoga in a safe, intelligent manner.

We’ll be starting slowly so that you feel confident and completely understand what you are doing and why. The groundwork and alignment principles are crucial and will make progress that much easier. However, over time the pace will change and we will rebuild a self practice together.

What others are saying about working with Karen.

Yoga Testimonials

“Excellent teacher. Pace was great, nice and slow.”

Clear instructions and breakdown of poses. Good infrastructure/ light and airy room. I’m motivated enough to continue yoga and definitely recommend the course.

Cheryl de Valliere

“I was concerned that my body wasn’t trained enough but got more confident each time and became aware that with practice things will get better/easier.”

“This is a great opportunity to be aware and focus on all single parts of the practice (e.g. breathing, flow, posture). I liked that each pose was explained step by step and we took time to learn and repeat. I loved that everyone was very focused on self-practice and the environment was not competitive at all. I’m 100% satisfied.”

Thamara Emanuele

“I’d definitely recommend this course.”

“I learned how to breathe deeply – it helped me a lot to ease stress. I liked the way Karen cut every excersise into small parts so it was easier to try to remember what you have to do, the encouragement I was receiving – it always looked like she knew I was doing my best and she appreciated it.

I wish I’d found out about yoga 30 years ago. I’d have been a completely different person by now. It was an amazing experience – recommend it wholeheartedly! You will love Karen, yoga, yourself… Karen is a fantastic teacher, encouraging, helpful, with tons of patience, calm and making you feel you conquered the world.

Lucy Kyriakou

“I wanted to know why yoga has become so popular, if I’d like it and if it would help with stress.”

“I expected the course to be so fast and difficult that I wouldn’t be able to follow it properly. But it was a great deal better than I expected. I really like the speed and detail-orientated instruction, making it easy to follow.

It’s perfect for beginners and Karen is wonderful with beginners as she is thorough, patient and really pays attention to every person making sure they know what to do.

I noticed how much better I felt after every session, I felt happy and relaxed deep down. As if I was walking on a beach somewhere far away and not on the busy streets of Lucerne.”

Johanna Hiiemaee

“I was surprised how the breathing worked out and how good I felt afterwards.”

“Not just physically but mentally too. I felt more flexible and had more energy throughout the week. I felt able to concentrate on other tasks at work better than usual. I also liked the peace and calmness in the room and the teaching style. The course ticked all the boxes, I’d recommend it to others, it’s worth the commitment..”

Joanne Faessler

Set the Foundation for a Lifetime of Practice 

Class size is limited to allow for specialized attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Not Flexible Can I Still Participate?

Definitely! Yoga is for everyone, and one of the many benefits of the practice is increased strength and flexibility which can lead to less pain and improved health throughout the body, as well as relieving head, neck and back strain from repetitive motion and a sedentary work environment.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is ideal for those who haven’t practised in a while, complete beginners, and professionals who travel a lot. Plus those who of you who used to be fit but then family/work/life commitments took priority and you long to get back into a routine and improve your health, fitness, well-being and stress-management.

It’s also suitable if you tried yoga in the past but gave up as you didn’t get it, couldn’t follow along or felt self-conscious.

When taught with care and understanding, all students, regardless of limitations, can benefit from this practice. Yoga is essentially a breathing practice so if you can breathe you can practice!

Is This Only For Women?

No, absolutely not! This style of yoga is popular with men. It’s structured, beneficial and strength-building.  

I Have Pre-Existing Pain and/or Injuries, Can I Still Practice?

Yoga is often advised to those dealing with pain or healing from injuries. However, please be sure to receive your doctor’s permission to begin any new physical activity. It is essential you tell me if you’re experiencing pain or recovering from any injuries, so I can help guide you through a safe practice.

What Do I Need to Wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows your body freedom to move. We practice without shoes.

Do I Need a Yoga Mat?

Studio yoga mats will be available to use during the course free of charge. However, I recommend purchasing your own yoga mat. This will help you stay accountable, build your confidence and make progress so that you can practice in between classes and after the course has finished. Any other yoga props required during class (e.g. straps, blocks, cushions and blankets) will be provided by the studio.

Should I Eat or Drink Before I Practice?

Try not to eat anything heavy before you practice. It will make breathing and your movements that much easier on an empty stomach. Try to avoid drinking during practice.

I Have a Question, Where Should I Ask?

Please email me at with your questions and I’ll get right back to you.