When is the perfect time to start yoga?

Oct 17, 2017

I hope wherever you are in the world you’ve been able to take time out to enjoy the weather since we’ve been experiencing a beautiful Indian summer here in Switzerland.

How was your weekend?

Did it start with yoga…?

Maybe. Maybe not.

At around this time of year, with the changing seasons, we’re in a stage of transition.

Many of us may think back to our New Year resolutions find it easy to hunker down and brood/think along these lines:

  • I’ve let myself go
  • I always fall off the bandwagon
  • I’m too old/unfit/overweight/not flexible enough to try something new?
  • I’ll start and then lose momentum and quit – so why bother?

Changing seasons are often marked by the letting go of the past, recognising/accepting the transition and stepping into the new.

Yoga is an excellent starting point.

There is no perfect time to start. Right now is good enough. 

As a source of inspiration for you – I’d like to give a shout out to the students, all hardworking, successful professionals, who were not on holiday a couple of weeks ago and actually did turn up for yoga first thing on Saturday morning.

Notably, the one who had jet lag having just stepped off a long-haul flight the night before and was heading out on another the very next day, the one recovering from a frustratingly long broken wrist injury, the one who’s expecting her first child adjusting to her ever-changing body and the new life that awaits her just around the corner – and the one who come rain or shine, has patiently developed a dedicated practice and has almost never missed a class since I first began teaching.

You don’t only come to yoga when you feel good.

You come when you don’t.

You come when you’re tired, when it’s been a long week, when you’ve been sitting in board meetings for days on end, when your inbox is full, when your shoulders are stiff and your lower back aches, when you haven’t slept well, when you don’t have the answers…

You just come…

Yoga is not a miracle cure.

When you leave after class your to-do list will be just as long as it was before.

Your inbox just as full, if not fuller.

Your board meetings still scheduled for the following week.

The children needing your attention as they always do.

But you’ll have a different perspective.

I remember very clearly when I first noticed this. After class, I went back to exactly the same challenges, responsibilities and tasks as I had before but instinctively, I was able to take a step back, to see the bigger picture, to put it all in perspective.

I was able to respond rather than react. I became much more efficient.

My students are telling me this too.

So will you join me?

In response to requests, I’ve opened up a SECOND 6-week Beginners Yoga Course in Luzern for those who can’t make Saturdays. This will run from Wednesday 25 October – 29 November from 9.00-10.15am.

You can find details about both courses and sign up right here

Now you have a choice – same course but pick the one that fits your schedule.

A few spots left. You can sign up here.

Have a good week!

Karen x

P.S. Please help a friend/partner/family member if you think they could benefit by sharing this information.


Karen Kurzmeyer
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