What is wanting to emerge in 2024? (A simple practice and a last minute invitation.)

Jan 9, 2024

Over the last few years, it has become a practice for me not to rush into January with all guns blazing. In the past, one little hiccup regarding New Year resolutions and I’d stumble, lose traction, feel guilty and give up.

These days, I prefer to focus on setting clear intentions from a place of reflection, enquiry and deep listening that emerges from the inside out. Allowing my mind to become quieter, I find space for ideas to seed, possibilities to emerge.

We are all capable of creating meaningful change and when we develop simple practices that come from a place of intention and kindness towards ourselves, we’re able to build a solid, sustainable foundation for growth.

I hope you are settling into this New Year gently, finding your feet as you take in the external landscape around you as well as the internal landscape within yourself.

Do you have a sense of ground beneath you?
Does it feel steady and smooth or shaky and bumpy?
Do you visualize stepping stones beneath your feet, thick deep snow or perhaps shifting sand?

Whatever life terrain you find yourself on, may your next steps be surefooted.

This practice focuses on touching into your intuition and allowing clarity, ideas and desires to evolve from a place of being rather than doing.

Preparation for Practice

  • You’ll need a notebook or journal and pen.
  • If you’re creative and see in images, feel free to colour, draw, paint, collage your ideas.
  • Find a quiet place at home, light a candle, have a nourishing or refreshing drink close by, maybe some music, look out of the window and settle into a comfortable seat.


  • Visit a cozy coffee shop, order a warm, delicious drink and absorb the sights, smells and sounds around you.

Practice: Moving Forward in 2024

Bring your attention inwards and downwards as you settle, allow your breath to follow. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Then open a notebook, journal or artist pad and without overthinking, in fact try not to think at all, feel into the answers.

Trust that your first thoughts are your best thoughts.

Now answer these questions as you consider moving forward in 2024. Choose the ones that call out to you. Come back to the others at a later date, when they resonate more deeply:

  • What in the last year am I proud of?
  • What did last year leave me yearning for?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • How do I want to love?
  • How do I want to contribute?
  • How do I want to connect?
  • How do I want to move my body?
  • What would feel joyful?
  • What would feel creative?
  • What resources, skills and practices can I rely on in the coming year?

We are so quick to move on in life, we often miss acknowledging (and celebrating) our accomplishments. We miss how far we’ve come. These prompts help reset your inner compass, knowing where you are by taking time to look back at the past, centering yourself in the present and moving forward to where you want to be.

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Sending love and care to you all.

Karen x

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