Mindful Movement

for Busy Professionals and Entrepreneurs


A 8 week experience to self-care and a healthier body
(without leaving your office or home.)

You rarely have time, for exercise, you’re eating on the go, you’re feeling sluggish, your body feels stiff, you’re not sleeping well – you know you could feel better but don’t know where to start.

You have a tendency to sit at the computer or desk and battle through a seemingly insurmountable problem or To-Do list for hours on end rather than step back and take a break.

Deep down, you’re a passionate overachiever. You may have bad days but you don’t give up.

You give everything of yourself whether it’s to your work, clients, relationships or family but have somehow neglected your well-being along the way. It’s taking its toll on your body and mind.

A part of you is missing and you want to feel connected and whole once again.

You’d love to have an experienced guide to show you the way and help you take better care of yourself. You’d love to work with one person who shows up for you, who meets you exactly where you are, who provides a trusting space for you to get started. One person who teaches you the skills to feel more grounded, calm, strong, flexible and at peace so you can become more focused in your work.

You want to get started, to take back control of your well-being even while sitting at your desk. You long to feel better and to do so at a time that suits your schedule.

That’s exactly why I created Mindful Movement for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to reclaim their health and connection to their body through a personalized approach.

What You’ll Learn in Mindful Movement.
  • How to take mini-breaks to focus on healthy movement that will help improve concentration and productivity.
  • How to ease tension and relieve head, neck and back strain from repetitive motion and your sedentary work environment.
  • How to gain greater flexibility and ease in your body.
  • How to increase your energy that will carry you through and support your demanding lifestyle.
  • How to use short meditation, contemplation and motivational techniques that will enhance your ability to destress, shift your focus and gain clarity.
  • How to cultivate a loving, caring relationship with your body.
Each Week You’ll Receive:

  • One short tutorial to help give you a foundation for the week ahead. Posted on Sunday.
  • One simple 10 minute office yoga video assignment to practice daily. Posted on Monday.
  • One short meditation, contemplation or motivational recording to listen at the start of your week or before you begin each day. Posted on Monday.

These assignments will be time-efficient, realistic and focused on getting more movement in your body as you deal with the pressures of work and responsibilities without leaving your office or home.

How We’ll Work Together:

Wherever possible, I will tailor the program to meet your individual needs.

  • I’ll send you daily posts to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • I’ll support you every step of the way helping you deepen your understanding as to why you should do certain exercises.
  • You will have unlimited access to me through our exclusive Facebook community.
  • I’ll answer all your questions.
  • I’ll send email reminders to get you started and keep you on track.
  • You’ll be part of an exclusive closed Facebook Community. Allowing you to come and participate based on your schedule.

Mindful Movement Yoga Angel

Get an inspirational daily reminder to practice from your ‘Yoga Angel’ straight to your Messenger. I sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear daily, encourage your daily practice and help you develop a sustainable self-care routine.

“There’s no better angel to have on your shoulder than Karen. She has a very special way of gently but firmly reminding you that your practice awaits you. If you’re feeling unmotivated she responds with an understanding ear and a reminder that the practice is what you need. I loved having her daily reminders. Do your Self a favour and try her Yoga Angel service.”

—Michelle Seaton Witte

What Makes This Different From Other Online Programs?

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. This is a personal relationship with someone who’s an expert in working one-on-one with yoga clients.

It is designed to help you transform your self-care by taking practical, effective, sustainable steps towards a healthier body and way of working without leaving your office or home.

As a result, you’ll discover this experience delves much deeper than just the physical practice and can help bring real transformative change through awareness in all other aspects of your life.

Developing healthy habits takes time which is why I’m supporting you for a full 10-weeks so that you cultivate a loving, caring relationship with your body that supports the work you put out into the world.

Are you ready to begin your personal Mindful Movement practice?


Reserve your spot right now. Spots are limited.
Two convenient payment options.

Pay In Full
$397 USD

Payment Plan
$143 USD per month for 3 months

Meet Karen

As a driven and over-worked business owner, I tried yoga to help relieve stress and regain strength and flexibility. I never looked back and sold my company to dedicate my career to inspiring others to prioritize their health, wellbeing and stress relief through yoga.

I completed my yoga teacher training in Thailand, am certified by Yoga Alliance 500 RYT, and regularly attend continued professional development in philosophy, anatomy, pranayama (breathing) and meditation. I specialize in teaching private clients and continue to work closely with a private yoga
teacher mentor.

My background as a professional ballet dancer, teacher and business owner plus being a wife, mother of 3 sons and living in a foreign country all contribute to my strengths as a teacher, allowing me to help clients that are looking for a way to integrate balance into their busy lives.

Why I created Mindful Movement

I’m aware that most people don’t have the time to do a full 90-minute practice every day but still need to move in a way that supports their lifestyle and their business.

There are many hours in a week that I also sit in front of the computer just like you. Let me guide you and show you how to take mini-breaks, stretch and realign your body.

I can help you implement steps to prioritise self-care and healthy movement so you can work more productively.

So this Mindful Movement programme has been specifically designed with you in mind.


“Having Karen as your teacher is gold. I have been doing yoga for years and then I let it slip completely. There are no good yoga teachers where I live so I thought I had a valid excuse 🙂

As an online entrepreneur, however, I’m almost superglued to my computer. The result is pain. Everywhere! My neck, my arms, wrists, back. I can feel it getting worse at the end of each project.

But, now due to Karen’s good care and expertise, I don’t have pain and start my day breathing under the shower and gentle stretching during applying make-up and simple yoga movements between client meetings. What makes this course with Karen completely different from all the other yoga I have done is how simple and effective it is and yet truly deep and loving. Thank you so much Karen for being such a patient, caring, expert teacher, this was more special to me than I can explain.”

— Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

“I love this course! As a Yoga beginner, I was a bit afraid before I purchased the course that the exercises would be too hard for me. But all the exercises Karen showed us were really easy to do! My body always felt better afterwards, and I really want to create a daily yoga routine for myself. Also I loved that the exercises were short and sweet, and we could do them at our desk, without a lot of ’yoga gear’; or special tools. I can totally recommend Karen’s course!”

— Katharina Lewald

“Before I began the Mindful Movement programme I wanted to get back on track in life, start doing yoga again even if only 10 minutes a day in my busy life in between working and family life. There must be 10 minutes and I wanted to set focus on my body again, plus I really wanted to work with Karen online!

I was surprised that at first I was not able to find ‘just’ 10 minutes a day due to deadlines, but then when I got started and felt the pleasure of doing 10 minutes more times per week and then relaxing yoga at the weekend, I knew in my heart that I so much needed this back in my life!

It truly was an eye opener for me that I need to use, move and nourish my body! That I could feel with all my body and soul that I had been really missing yoga and the wellness that it provides to body, mind and spirit.

Also, that you Karen are a most wonderful teacher in so many ways, not only through the yoga but also with the mindfulness practices such as the meditations, the sweet caring in the Facebook group and that you really have a big heart to support the people on the path to health and happiness.

Mindful Movement with Karen is what we busy professional mothers are in need of for daily support for our body, mind and spirit – yoga, meditation and deep caring!

— Marian Nielson Joos

“I joined the Mindful Movement programme because I wanted to move more, to become more aware of my body and I thought ten minutes should be really manageable.

It was an eye opener for me not just muscle wise but how hard I was on myself. I became aware of how to look after my needs. I began looking into where I was hard and where softness was needed and vice versa. Learning to do the exercises in a soft way and realizing how nice it feels to help your body was great. I was surprised how little movements have a lot of impact!

Some exercises you can do easily in the office around other people. Afterwards you feel refreshed.”

— Barbara Pfeifer


I’m Not Flexible Can I Still Practice Mindful Movement?

Definitely! The Mindful Movement experience is for everyone, and one of the many benefits of the practice is learning how to gain greater flexibility and ease in the body as well as relieving head, neck and back strain from repetitive motion and your sedentary work environment.

I Have Pre-Existing Pain and/or Injuries, Can I Still Practice Mindful Movement?

Yoga and Mindful Movement practices are often advised to those dealing with pain or healing from injuries. However, please be sure to receive your doctor’s permission to begin any new physical activity. It is essential you tell me if you’re experiencing pain or recovering from any injuries, so I can help guide you through a safe practice.

What Do I Need to Wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows your body freedom to move. We practice without shoes.

Do I Need a Yoga Mat?

No, the beauty of the programme is that you can practice in your office, home or preferred space. Exercises can be done at your desk, while sitting in a chair and occasionally using a wall. ly using a wall.

Should I Eat or Drink Before I Practice?

Try not to eat anything heavy before you practice. It will make breathing and your movements that much easier on an empty stomach. Try to avoid drinking during practice.

What Are The Course Dates?

Monday 16 April – Friday 8 June 2018

What Happens After Ten Weeks?

By the end of Mindful Movement Programme you’ll have the tools and ability to continue your self-care practice with confidence and awareness. You’ll continue to have access to all videos and audio recordings for 6 months. You can choose to practice on your own or continue with tailored 1:1 lessons designed specifically to your needs, challenges and goals. 1:1 lessons are given in your home, office or preferred space – in person (if local to central Switzerland) or online from anywhere in the world.

I Have a Question, Where Should I Ask?

Please email me at karen@karenkurzmeyer.com with your questions and I’ll get right back to you.

Are you ready to begin your personal Mindful Movement practice?


Reserve your spot right now. Spots are limited.
Two convenient payment options.

Pay In Full
$397 USD

Payment Plan
$143 USD per month for 3 months

What happens After I Sign Up:

You will receive a confirmation message with an application form so I get to know you better and understand what you want to achieve. Before the start of the course you’ll receive access to the exclusive Facebook group and you’ll receive weekly emails and reminders too.

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