It’s a New Day…

May 11, 2021

I shared this message with my email subscribers recently and given the response, I’m sharing here in case you’re experiencing profound levels of change at the moment. If you would like to be included in my personal newsletters, you can join me here and, you’ll start with a delightful self-care practice.

Have you noticed how many things seem to take more energy than we imagine?

If you’re undergoing difficult transitions, I was thinking that you could use a hug today and hoping this life message will find a way to reach you.

When unexpected grief, chronic stress, or the busyness of life gets too much, we may act uncharacteristically. As we falter, we may have a meltdown, lash out, withdraw or numb out.

If you’re finding yourself resisting, try leaning in.

If you find you’re sinking into doubt, fear, overwhelm, or guilt, I offer you Nina Simone, a music artist and activist from 1965, and this exquisite translation by Anne Magalhães.

Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel with tenderness. With each breath, you can slowly unhook the grip of control and be open to receiving.

You’re not alone. You don’t have to fix or change anything.

There is no one way to feel.

There can be warm tingles and tears.

The language of the soul can be communication without words. Try watching again without sound.

No matter what challenges exist around us and unanswered questions about what’s next, if we can come back to ourselves, listen deeply to what softly rises inside our heart, move our bodies in a way that feels good, we’ll find our rhythm and strength to follow through.

What is one small, simple gift of attention you can offer your body today? Click here and let me know.

Warm hug,
Karen x

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