Invitation to Reclaiming Wholeness

Aug 11, 2023

I’m glad you’re here. It feels good to connect with you again after an extended break from actively posting this summer.

It’s been a _____ summer. How would you describe yours?

I haven’t travelled abroad this summer which is very unusual, but I have taken short mini-breaks. Two highlights that come to mind: spending time with friends from Montana, at the Montreux Jazz Festival, a true celebration of music, culture and community up close and personal.

The second was a spontaneous evening meal in my neighbourhood, small open-air restaurants spilling out onto the terrace, where couples danced the evening away under the canopy of chestnut trees draped with coloured lights, as if we were celebrating a wedding in Italy.

Neither felt like Switzerland and yet – both were very much part of the Swiss summer culture. Joyous, creative and free.

Do you know what I LOVE most? People who are doing the work of being fully themselves amidst all the complexities and uncertainties that surround us. Those who are not limited by their circumstances or outdated structures that may be holding them back but are finding joy, creativity and freedom to be themselves and as a result are able to offer their best gifts to the world.

This reflection has been incubating for a long time until the seed came to life and has begun to weave into my work with private clients and leading retreats in Europe and Thailand, allowing it to do so has brought a big shift.  It has also prompted me to conduct a research study to assess what women who are well-established in their careers and attaining their goals are yearning for now.  These conversations have been so rich, meaningful and insightful.  

I have now deepened my work to help leaders, changemakers, creatives, teachers, practitioners, helpers and seekers move from exhaustion and disillusionment to find the balance between high performance and renewal while managing the stressful demands, responsibilities and expectations in their work.

I’m excited to share this offering with you here, with three levels of support to choose from and beginning with a beautiful retreat in Thailand from 10-17 February 2024.

Reclaiming Wholeness Retreat is an invitation to lay down the weight of responsibilities you carry in daily life and start reclaiming a more real, intimate, and liberated experience of yourself, your needs and desires.

I would be thrilled for you to join us and a beautiful community of others. Reach out with any requests, payment plans are available and please pass along to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you for being here!

​Karen x

P.S. Interested in working with me or getting to know me? I’m booking calls with no strings attached. If want to learn more you can book a free 30-Minute Enquiry Session here.


Karen Kurzmeyer
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