100 Conversations

Oct 27, 2020

It has been almost 9 months since I launched my project to have 100 Conversations about Self-Care.

It is my commitment to have 100 conversations with people who strive to bring greater depth and deeper purpose to their life, work and relationships. I’m interested in learning how you define self-care.

You can read why and how I set this up and what I was hoping to learn here and you’ll find a short video here.

The initial conversations took place before COVID-19, I had recently returned from Budapest where I had shared my intention at a 5-Day Live Intensive on Integral Facilitation. We were working in pairs, sharing our visions and out of the blue my partner, who I didn’t know, leaned in and offered to become my first ‘guest’. He told me it would help me stay accountable and commit to getting started – this was incredibly helpful and worked! He also said that it would serve him well to address this topic given his demanding lifestyle.

And then I knew there was no turning back and I just needed to keep going.

Who am I having a conversation with?

I’ve really enjoyed each and every one of the conversations I’ve had so far. They have found their way to me from all over the world, from Switzerland to South Africa, the USA, Canada, Thailand, Denmark, Portugal and many nationalities including Italian, Romanian, Japanese, Irish, South American…

Some I’ve reached out to, others responded to my blog and offered their support and time.

I’ve spoken with clients, colleagues, mentors and friends and I’ve had conversations with people I’ve met for the very first time, as word was passed on to a sister, relative or friend.

Many have been practising and teaching self-care for years and I treasure their insights and wisdom. Others are just exploring the idea of self-care and I admire their open-minded approach and simply being with the unknown. There have also been those who are redefining self-care and re-prioritising what it means to them, perhaps due to major life changes and circumstances.

Every connection has been worthwhile and each conversation has felt meaningful and nourishing.

I have loved the creativity that lies deep within each of us and emerges through many of these conversations. Given space, it has freedom and a life of its own.

I never really know where the conversation is going, yet seeing what happens and not attaching to the outcome has led to some beautiful self-reflection and insights.

The 100 Conversations project has begun to evolve and find a path all of its own.

Originally, the intention behind the 100 conversations was to influence my teaching and guide me towards my next step in discovering how to best support and develop this community. It was also to help people who want to transform their relationship to themselves so they can create more freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

It has been fascinating to see how each conversation has developed according to individual values, interests, mindset, cultural upbringing, experience and life circumstances.

However, something else had begun to emerge. Some of my ‘guests’ have been asking for more. They’re intrigued to know how others are responding, especially given how diverse the conversations are, they’re curious to hear these stories too and asked if I’d continue the conversations via podcast and write a book.

I would love to make this happen, to allow the 100 Conversations to evolve organically, to find meaning and purpose that will serve a larger community. We can learn so much through other people’s stories.

Our conversation is completely confidential.

There’s no sales pitch at all – just real honest conversation. You simply need to show up with curiosity, an open mind, a little playfulness and let’s see what happens.
30 minutes on the phone or Zoom/Skype.

You share your story. I’m here to listen.

To schedule your conversation, simply click below and choose your spot.

If you have any questions, send me an email.

Please share with your friends, family and colleagues to help keep the conversation going.

Much love and gratitude,
Karen x



Karen Kurzmeyer
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