Essential Practice for Disruptive Times

Oct 23, 2023

Don’t go numb. Don’t tune out.
Take the breaks you need, do your practice, take care of yourself, but please don’t go numb.
There are no guarantees at the edge of the cliff, but one thing is for certain: the only chance we have to help this world is to stay engaged. —Ethan Nichtern

As we face these wild, heartbreaking and uncertain times when the world is filled with horror, grief and anguish, we are being called to a deeper level of connection and trust. Not to go numb. Not to tune out. But to stay engaged.

Our default may be to retreat and instinctively shut down or find we’re easily distracted, scouring the internet in search of answers, or simply feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

In times like these, may you remember how to resource, to be present, to ground, to feel your breath move through you so that you can soften into your heart. Our compassionate hearts are capable of holding so much more than our minds, including multiple truths at the same time.

Joyful moments and grief

Gratitude and anguish

Appreciation and resentment

Dark moments and shining light

Glimpses of beauty and simple pleasures

Brief Meditation – Arriving in Presence

Here’s a brief meditation to help you arrive in presence. It’s less than 5 minutes so I encourage you to come back to it as often as you need to. A simple, intentional reminder throughout the day to pause, breathe and be present. And please share it with others you come in contact with so it may be of benefit.

​Our practice is not only there for us when we are healthy and feeling good, the value comes when we meet it in challenging times. It has never been more important.

We come back to ourselves first so that we can train our attention and energy, rest wholeheartedly and skilfully managing the ups and downs as reality unfolds.

Blausee Retreat is waiting to welcome you.

Yoga and Self-Care Retreat
BLAUSEE Hotel & Spa, Switzerland
2-5 NOVEMBER 2023

When we trust ourselves to slow down, stillness, silence and breath will become our refuge, while somatic gentle movement, energising yoga practices and quiet meditation will be the foundation for change. From there we can reach out to each other and open our eyes to see what we couldn’t see before.

There is a potent energy when we come together to practice. A reminder that we are not alone and are stronger together.

Join me for our last retreat of the year. Please reach out with any questions, and pass along this invitation to anyone you think may be interested. 

Karen x



Karen Kurzmeyer
Private/group/corporate yoga teacher. Helping busy professionals prioritise health & well-being through yoga.

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