Welcoming Autumn: Self-Reflection and Transformation

Oct 13, 2021

Just a few weeks ago, we entered the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, welcoming the first day of autumn north of the equator and spring in the south.

Two times a year in March and September, Earth’s orbit and its axial tilt combine so that the sun sits right above Earth’s Equator and both the north and south hemispheres have almost the same amount of daylight and darkness.

We are now in a time of seasonal transition, where we have the opportunity to practice slowing, feeling into and activating a new cycle of growth.

I don’t think I can remember a time when I’ve looked forward to autumn as much as this year. Many years ago, I’d resist the colder days, longer nights and inconvenience of the changing seasons. I was very much driven by external goals, expectations and responsibilities. It was important for me to be in control…

Over time, I began to appreciate the transition differently. Rather than mourning the loss of summer, it became an exciting month to consider new projects before the end of the year, a chance to shake things up after the leisurely summer, embrace new routines and begin again.

While this is still valuable, this year I’m craving release, appreciating and welcoming autumn in a new, intuitive way – feeling drawn towards its beauty and witnessing the art of letting go.

Practice: Welcoming and Feeling Into Change

Take time to be outside and take in your surroundings, absorb the changing colours of the leaves and golden light. Transitioning may feel like loss but it can also be magnificent.

Every day we’re reminded how the cycles we live into are far larger, significant and more meaningful than we think. It’s humbling when nature reminds us we are not in control.

Our experience can be soft and playful too, an ebb and flow between giving and receiving. A practice in expanding our hearts, finding tenderness and strength in unexpected moments – with an appreciation for what we have and respect for the impermanence of life.

Slow down and pay attention.

Autumn is an ideal time to pause, reflect and reconsider how you’d like to move forward.
Look back over the last six months, take note and appreciate all that you’ve accomplished despite challenges and difficulties. No achievement or effort is too small.

Follow nature’s lead, gather only what is essential for the coming months.

Nurture your positive habits, actions and relationships. Pay attention to them, and notice how they influence your well-being and the well-being of others.

What will you choose to leave behind? Consider thoughts, situations, relationships and beliefs that may have served you in the past but you no longer need.

Where do you want to place your energy? Your energy follows your attention. Reflect on your behaviour and choices this year. What energised you and what left you feeling depleted?

As autumn is a natural time of transition, this an ideal time to reset your body and mind to help sustain your well-being in the coming months.

If you’d like to immerse yourself in glorious autumn surroundings, join me for a Yoga and Self-Care Retreat in Blausee from 28-31 October. We have a couple of spots left available.

And tell me, what are you feeling drawn towards this autumn? Where are you finding beauty, stillness and release? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Autumn!

Karen x


Karen Kurzmeyer
Private/group/corporate yoga teacher. Helping busy professionals prioritise health & well-being through yoga.

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