Talks That Matter:

100 Conversations About Self-Care

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Part of living a connected life is treating yourself well.

It is my commitment to have 100 conversations with people who strive to bring greater depth and deeper purpose to their life, work and relationships – and I’d like to learn how you define self-care.

This project came to life out of curiosity and deep desire to understand more about people’s relationship to themselves, centering on their lived experiences and thoughts around self-care.

These 100 real conversations are based on connection.

We are here together. It is my way of welcoming you to connect with me (maybe we don’t know each other) and for you to join the adventure in not knowing what we’ll learn. Let’s see what happens.

When we have a conversation where we’re able to be truly seen and heard, we find our stories reflected back to us. We find more clarity and understanding by simply sharing our thoughts. We may even discover that they’re some stories we tell ourselves!

You share your story. I’m here to listen.

Our conversation is completely confidential. I’ll send you four questions as a guideline so you know what to expect and we’ll take it from there. You can schedule your conversation here.

You can learn more about Talks That Matter: 100 Conversations About Self-Care here.

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